• Meet Appana and Nagarathna!

    A future not defined by the past!

    Three-year-old Appana still has his soft baby cheeks and wispy baby hair. He is small-made for his age, one of the signs of the severe protein deficiency he faces.


    When we first met Appana, he was playing in the mud outside his home, a blue tent in a settlement close to Diya Ghar.


    Appana's story is heart-wrenching. His father works as a labourer but drains all his earnings on alcohol. Sometimes his mother, out of desperation has little choice but to beg on the streets.

    At Diya Ghar, we know Appana to be a boy who is talented with art. We know him to be a boy who comes straight to eat snacks, especially when they are bananas.


    We know Appana to be a boy with a bright future ahead of him! Support us to support more children like Appana!

    An Artist in the making!

    Nagarathna loves to show her little artistic creations to her teachers. She proudly takes her drawings of apples to her 'Aunty' with a big smile on her face.


    Nagarathna's first few days at the Diya Ghar centre was not easy. As a one-year-old baby, she was taken to the construction sites where her parents worked as labourers. She played with dangerous sharp tools and was surrounded by piles of dust which made her cough.


    But today, this little girl has discovered the joy of learning at Diya Ghar. She loves her Montessori activities, pouring dry beans from one container to another. She is also eager to do the wooden puzzles.


    We don't know if Nagarathna will become a famous artist someday. But we do know that she is a child who deserves a safe environment to explore and grow.