• 1.3Million

    People live in slums in Bangalore


    Estimates of city population in slums


    Children under the age of SIX, live in slums and labor camps

  • As we drive down almost any road in Bangalore, you will see a construction site. And right there, in the middle of the sand, gravel and machines you are likely to see small children playing. The population of the migrant workers in Bangalore is growing daily. The families live in ‘blue tents’ with no access to running water, electricity or sanitation.

  • Why Early Childhood Education is IMPORTANT


    Birth to Six years

    Extremely crucial to child's development


    Early care

    Without nurture, nutrition and stimulation, the child's development is retarded


    Early education

    Pre-school is a pivotal role in a strong foundation



    New Neural connections are formed in a young brain every SECOND


    Research shows that motor development and cognitive development are fundamentally intertwined. Freedom of expression and movement in school affects development directly


    We encourage children to engage in movement through out the day. The child decides the material to learn, and works with freedom to pick up or put back the material. The child learns to use her work area with respect for other children's space.

  • Why Montessori Method?

    • All concepts are learnt through the five senses - by seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and doing.
    • Each child is valued as a unique individual with unique talents.

    Why Montessori method?

    • Children enjoy freedom within limits which builds their confidence.
    • Materials are self-correcting thus fostering independence.

    Why Montessori method?

    The environment is mixed age group (2.5 – 6 years) which offers a wide range of activities to spark children’s interest and enables children to learn from each other.

    Maria Montessori

    "The education of even a small child, does not aim at preparing her for school, but for life."