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  • #CreateANewNormal for Migrant Communities in Bangalore

  • We are an NGO with a heart for children in migrant communities

    We believe every child deserves to experience the joy of learning.


    For the last three years, Diya Ghar has been changing the lives of the migrant community in Bangalore by providing pre-school education for children of laborers in a nurturing environment. Along with this foundational Montessori education, our children are given two wholesome meals a day and safe transport from their settlements to school and back. So far, 400 little ones have “graduated” from Diya Ghar and joined elementary schools in Bangalore or back in their villages.

  • Our Vision

    For all children, irrespective of their economic status, to have access to stimulating and nurturing pre-school education

    Our Mission

    To set up pre-schools and daycare centers for children of migrant workers in the city of Bangalore, expand to other cities in India

    Each Day...

    The Diya Ghar team strives to make sure children from migrant communities experience nurture, they have

    never had before.

  • What did we do when schools were closed?

    As the children can’t meet together at the pre-school premises due to Covid-19,

    Diya Ghar’s committed teachers go into their tent settlements with books, colouring sheets, and warm smiles.


    Now our teachers record the lessons and send them to the children on a daily basis. We create learning kits for the children to use at home. These include a table, floor mat, study material, and stationery kit, among other items.


    We have identified and trained Community Champions who help us teach the children within these communities.


    To make sure the children are healthy through this time we distribute nutrition kits every week that includes milk, eggs, and porridge powder. Since we are going into the community we now provide nutrition kits for older siblings as well.


    With our intervention, these children now actually have a chance. A chance to learn and sing and colour and read. A chance to receive wholesome food through Diya Ghar’s nutrition programme. A chance to just be kids.

    Diya Ghar is rewriting the narrative for these bright, beautiful children. Join us in giving them a new normal.


  • Take the #DiyaGharChallenge & support #MigrantChildren

    Support our awareness campaign and spread joy.

    A simple do-it-at-home challenge that will raise awareness about this migrant community, while letting you and your friends have a good laugh.


    Description of Social media post: #DiyaGharChallenge

    I took the #DiyaGharChallenge to support #MigrantChildren

    Tag 5-10 of your friends to take the Diya Ghar challenge.
    Support Migrant children by donation: https://www.ketto.org/diyagharformigrantchildren

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    Step 1: Squeeze 1-2 lemons in a cup
    Step 2: Hit the record button on your phone
    Step 3: Take the lemon juice shot
    Step 4: Say "I took the Diya Ghar Challenge to support migrant children
    Step 5: Post the video on FB/Instagram/Linkedin along with this entire description
    Step 6: Tag 5-10 friends/colleagues encouraging them to take the challenge
    Step 7: Support Migrant children by donation: https://www.ketto.org/diyagharformigrantchildren

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