• A day at our Preschool and Day Care Centre

    It is such a joy to see the children enjoy themselves in school! Our hearts are warmed when they greet us every morning with a big smile. In a couple of months of attending school, there has been a tremendous change in these children. They have grown taller, stronger, and healthier. They have grown in their ability to work and play with each other. They have grown in their communication skills. They have grown in their creativity.

    Inside our DIYA GHAR center, you will not know that these children come from challenging economic and social backgrounds. Education is such an equalizer!

  • Welcome to a typical day

    at Diya Ghar!

    Good Morning!

    8-9 am: Kids are picked up from their settlements and brought to Diya Ghar.


    The children have nutritious ragi porridge and fruit in the morning

    Montessori Learning

    They learn Math and Language (English and Kannada) using various Montessori materials

    Lunch Time

    Kids feast on a hot and tasty lunch (which includes an egg) provided by our NGO partner, Yuvalok Foundation.

    Arts & Crafts

    In the afternoons, the children enjoy getting their hands dirty and unleashing their creativity.

    Story time

    Kids are transported into another world through stories.


    The children are so full of energy and come to life when we sing and dance!

    Getting ready to leave

    4 - 5pm: After having milk and snack, the children are dropped back.